Sunday, March 8, 2009


Man yesterday was pretty dope worked. But then got to hang out with a few friends i never really get to chill with.

Which in a sense influence my pockets....yea i kinda copped a lot lol.

All in all pretty dope.

We went by Laced, & Winners...where i got the bad brain high tops i was lusting for.

RL was in full effect, JK bro.... steals & deals lol

Then we hit up a Urban where i discovered a new hobby of my "Munny"

If you know me i'm always down to dable in something artistic.

When i got home i decided to check out some work of others who designed there own.

Where i found an incredible amount of piece to inspire my own creation.

It kinda a little overwhelming & im not sure if ill start them before i move to NY

But when i do, i'll post em.

btw. where the eff is my dig. camera

So for those who arent hip to the Munny here are a few of my favorites i've see so far.

One Love

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